Hybrid Intelligence Podcast – Sustainable Digital with Charlotte Walsh, Digital Detox

  I recently had the pleasure of talking to Charlotte Walsh, Co-Founder of Digital Detox, a digital product development studio based in Brixton, London. Charlotte and I first met at Barclays where we worked together in the Group Customer Experience and Innovation team.  Charlotte has been vocal about the need for more greener approaches to […]

Hybrid Intelligence Podcast – Cultural Forces with Grant McCracken

   Here is part 2 of my conversation with anthropologist, strategist and author Grant McCracken. We discuss the potential impacts of COVID viewed through anthropological and cultural lenses on things like the family, the city and the world of work. Grant also talks about his latest work on the artisan movement, which he describes […]

Hybrid Intelligence Podcast – Grant McCracken on Cultural Disruption

      I have been a fan of Grant McCracken’s work for many years since attending one of his Culture Camps about ten years ago now. Grant switched me onto something that, as someone working in strategy and innovation, I thought I was already including in my thinking at the time. But it turned out […]

Podcast – What does research into Design Thinking show?

  The COVID-19 pandemic is placing galactic pressures on companies everywhere to adapt and evolve. There is a temptation to frame responses in a singular and extremist way in the heat of phrases like “the new normal”. In reality, there is a spectrum of responses from short term tactical adaptations to survive, to adaptations in order […]

Hybrid Intelligence Podcast – Matthew Taylor, CEO of The Royal Society of Arts

   One of the people I have been most keen to talk to in this series on optimism is Matthew Taylor, the CEO of the RSA. From my perspective, the work of the RSA is inherently optimistic but at the same time deals with some of the greatest challenges of our time. Matthew has […]

Hybrid Intelligence Podcast – Exploring Optimism with David Sheldon Hicks

 Innovation in the media space, the tensions of running a creative business and lessons learned from working with some of the world’s leading film directors including Ridley Scott, Denis Villeneuve and David Fincher are just some of the topics in my conversation with David Sheldon Hicks the Founder of Territory Studio in this episode […]

Hybrid Intelligence Podcast – Exploring Optimism with WhereIsMyTransport

        For our latest Episode on Optimism I spoke to Devin de Vries and Julian Hirst from the award WhereIsMyTransport. Founded in 2008 by Devin, WhereIsMyTransport is revolutionising the commutes for people who rely on informal transport networks. Unbelievably, about 4 billion people across the Majority World rely on these networks, with […]

Hybrid Intelligence Podcast – Pete Trainor, CEO of Vala Health

 In the second episode of our Hybrid Intelligence podcast we continue exploring the theme of Optimism. I was delighted to have a conversation with designer, technologist and author Pete Trainor. Pete is an active mental health campaigner, speaks globally on a number of topics including Ai, ethics and technology: his 2020 TEDx talk being […]

Podcast: Exploring Optimism – Manjula Lee, Founder and CEO of World Wide Generation

We are launching a podcast. It will reflect the diverse nature of our work and interests. Hence the name – “Hybrid Intelligence”. We will be exploring a range of topics from the worlds of business, design, technology, innovation and culture.  Our aim is to bring you perspective, ideas and inspiration from interesting people doing interesting […]