Hybrid Intelligence Podcast – Matthew Taylor, CEO of The Royal Society of Arts


One of the people I have been most keen to talk to in this series on optimism is Matthew Taylor, the CEO of the RSA. From my perspective, the work of the RSA is inherently optimistic but at the same time deals with some of the greatest challenges of our time. Matthew has also spent his career influencing and delivering change through politics (for example he was Chief Strategist for Prime Minister Tony Blair), public policy and now at the RSA.  So I thought he would have much to say on the subject of optimism and how it relates to change, having worked in so many important and influential positions. So I was delighted when he agreed to come onto the show for a chat.

As well as discussing optimism, Matthew talks about his theory of change, the topic of his annual RSA lecture and, in an unexpected but completely related diversion, his love for West Bromwich Albion.  This was an absolute pleasure for me and I learnt a lot from our 30 minute conversation. I hope you enjoy this episode too.

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