Hybrid Intelligence Podcast – Cultural Forces with Grant McCracken

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Here is part 2 of my conversation with anthropologist, strategist and author Grant McCracken. We discuss the potential impacts of COVID viewed through anthropological and cultural lenses on things like the family, the city and the world of work.

Grant also talks about his latest work on the artisan movement, which he describes as having matured into a transformative force.  Plus, he flags some left-field signals that he is tracking, such as competitive charcuterie boards. Yes you read that right.

I hope you enjoy the episode. You can get in touch with your thoughts or suggestions by emailing me at contact@doorglobal.com.

Lee Sankey
Founder, Door
14th April 2021

Episode Links:
Grant McCracken Linkedin and Twitter
For more on Grant’s work and books visit www.mapping-the-future.com and www.cultureby.com

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