Hybrid Intelligence Podcast – Exploring Optimism with WhereIsMyTransport

        For our latest Episode on Optimism I spoke to Devin de Vries and Julian Hirst from the award WhereIsMyTransport. Founded in 2008 by Devin, WhereIsMyTransport is revolutionising the commutes for people who rely on informal transport networks. Unbelievably, about 4 billion people across the Majority World rely on these networks, with […]

Rebuilding Social Capital: A Banker and Bootlegger Point The Way

What do Bank of England Chief Economist Andy Haldane and notorious rave promoter and bootlegger Jonny Banger have in common? As well as having permission to print £5 notes, they are both supporters of social capital. In his recent article for the FT, Haldane predicts a renewed understanding of the importance of social capital will be one […]

Hybrid Intelligence Podcast – Pete Trainor, CEO of Vala Health

 In the second episode of our Hybrid Intelligence podcast we continue exploring the theme of Optimism. I was delighted to have a conversation with designer, technologist and author Pete Trainor. Pete is an active mental health campaigner, speaks globally on a number of topics including Ai, ethics and technology: his 2020 TEDx talk being […]