Sky Glass – Looking Beyond The Product

On October 7th 2021, Sky made the bold move of launching Sky Glass, its own TV (watch the launch keynote). Door had the pleasure of working with the Sky team when the idea of making their own TV was embryonic. Our role was to explore what else you might do with a TV and other […]

Hybrid Intelligence Podcast – Sustainable Digital with Charlotte Walsh, Digital Detox

  I recently had the pleasure of talking to Charlotte Walsh, Co-Founder of Digital Detox, a digital product development studio based in Brixton, London. Charlotte and I first met at Barclays where we worked together in the Group Customer Experience and Innovation team.  Charlotte has been vocal about the need for more greener approaches to […]

Hybrid Intelligence Podcast – Cultural Forces with Grant McCracken

   Here is part 2 of my conversation with anthropologist, strategist and author Grant McCracken. We discuss the potential impacts of COVID viewed through anthropological and cultural lenses on things like the family, the city and the world of work. Grant also talks about his latest work on the artisan movement, which he describes […]

Hybrid Intelligence Podcast – Grant McCracken on Cultural Disruption

      I have been a fan of Grant McCracken’s work for many years since attending one of his Culture Camps about ten years ago now. Grant switched me onto something that, as someone working in strategy and innovation, I thought I was already including in my thinking at the time. But it turned out […]

Live Webinar: Discovering and Innovating Contemporary Services

Discovering and innovating new services (and products), and then building new ventures around them is tough. Companies of all sizes and maturity face plenty of challenges when it comes to discovering and realising new opportunities. Contemporary business itself, is not straightforward. Next week, at 11am GMT on the 25th of February I’ll be hosting a […]

Shaping the Future: The Imperative To Evolve Your Business Philosophy

I have wanted to write something on how philosophy will play a greater role in contemporary business for several years. Of course, it is an area that has been covered before (Forbes wrote about the Chief Philosopher in 2018, and some companies already have in-house philosophers, or at least consult with philosophers, as reported by […]

Eleven Things We Learned From Transferring Our Product Training Online

Prior to the covid pandemic we were scheduled to deliver our two day foundational product skills training course to a propositions team in a global bank. The course gives people and teams techniques, tools, ideas and approaches for developing new products, services and propositions. The training experience combines knowledge modules with lots of interactive team […]

Podcast – What does research into Design Thinking show?

  The COVID-19 pandemic is placing galactic pressures on companies everywhere to adapt and evolve. There is a temptation to frame responses in a singular and extremist way in the heat of phrases like “the new normal”. In reality, there is a spectrum of responses from short term tactical adaptations to survive, to adaptations in order […]

Hybrid Intelligence Podcast – Matthew Taylor, CEO of The Royal Society of Arts

   One of the people I have been most keen to talk to in this series on optimism is Matthew Taylor, the CEO of the RSA. From my perspective, the work of the RSA is inherently optimistic but at the same time deals with some of the greatest challenges of our time. Matthew has […]

Lee Sankey Interview on Dot Innovate Podcast

Door’s Founder, Lee Sankey, was recently interviewed by Nathan Anibaba on the Dot Innovate podcast. Lee discusses his views on innovation, why he prefers the term “business evolution”, his experiences driving innovation at Barclays and also Door’s work in various sectors. Listen to to the episode in your browser  or on Apple Podcasts or Spotify […]