Live Webinar: Discovering and Innovating Contemporary Services

Discovering and innovating new services (and products), and then building new ventures around them is tough. Companies of all sizes and maturity face plenty of challenges when it comes to discovering and realising new opportunities. Contemporary business itself, is not straightforward.

Next week, at 11am GMT on the 25th of February I’ll be hosting a live webinar about these topics. You can register on Eventbrite. I’ll be discussing what are in my experience four common challenges companies face with innovation and evolution in contemporary business:-

  1. Breaking out of traditional thinking
  2. Dealing with rising complexity
  3. Navigating business duality
  4. Understanding the need for resonance

I’ll explain nine elements that I have found are crucial for navigating these challenges and then I’ll pull them together into a practical framework that I have developed over the years during my work in discovering and inventing new ventures, products and services.

The framework has lots of practical applications. It can be used to power generative thinking, structure exploration and as a lens to look at existing offerings.

If you are a CEO, business leader, product owner, strategist or entrepreneur thinking about questions such as:

  • What new opportunities could we explore?
  • How do we evolve our existing services?
  • What is next for our brand and business?

Then this webinar will provide new perspectives, inspiration as well as a practical framework. The webinar is free and you can register on Eventbrite.

If you can join, I look forward to welcoming you at 11am on the 25th of February 2021.

Lee Sankey
Founder, Door

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