Husky Finance

Changing how people engage with their pension

Husky is a London based Fintech company that manages and runs compliant workplace pension schemes for organisations. They handle every aspect of selecting, setting up and administering auto-enrolment since the scheme began in the UK in 2012. They have international ambitions.


Although Husky was founded to help employers with their pension commitments, the founders always had ambitions to provide services to consumers that help them save for their future and have wealthier, happier retirements. Door was
engaged by Husky’s CEO to help develop a new digitally enabled consumer proposition to complement their existing B2B service.


Research shows engagement with pensions is still very low despite the compelling tax advantages and that millions more people across the UK now have a workplace pension.Furthermore, people generally don’t appreciate the huge effect provider fees have on their future pension pot. And some people, typically the young, choose to opt out of their workplace pension as they see it as another tax.

Husky’s vision for their consumer product was to address these issues by helping people understand provider fees and the tax advantages of pensions and then make it easy to action their choices. 

We conceived a two stage engagement that would bring the product vision to life and answer key early stage questions about consumer needs together with technical and commercial feasibility. In stage one working with Husky’s CEO, CTO and product team we were able to build on their vision, translate it into a new service and bring it to life through an early stage mobile prototype over a series of design sprints.  

Through a series of ideation workshops we identified ways that would allow people to understand the effectively “free money” available and to easily vary their contributions via the Husky Platform. These were translated into stories and journeys that informed the mobile prototype.  

The mobile prototype was used to simulate in-depth user research interviews with a diverse sample group covering different personal circumstances and life stages. The insights generated allowed us to iterate the product, in particular how to display potentially complex information. 

As part of this stage we also helped Husky develop a pitch to an international banking partner. This involved shaping the pitch flow, messaging and producing concept videos of the prototype. 

In Stage two we moved onto technical and commercial feasibility. Working with Husky’s CTO and development team we went through every aspect the prototype to create the Day 1 version and a feature roadmap. We then translated this into development effort with a detailed sizing plan and cost estimate so Husky could understand the time and investment required. 

During our workshops exploring business models a brand new service proposition was created that would help a specific market segment. The service could utilise husky’s existing infrastructure thus enabling a much quicker, low cost route to market. 


Husky is now pursuing the new consumer proposition as part of its overall strategy. As well as a clear proposition and product roadmap for its diversification into consumer services, Husky has a clear entry point that will tackle a common problem for potentially millions of people in the UK alone.

Key Activities:

  • User research 

  • Product development 

  • Technical Feasibility Study

  • Fund raising messaging and pitch materials

  • Business Design 

“The Husky team very much enjoyed working with the Door team on two projects (so far!). I personally found the interactive workshops extremely helpful for the whole team to get their thoughts and ambitions for the business out in the open. It was great to see a lot of ideas come to life, critically with a rigorous approach to making things work. Working with Door we were able to put products and experiences in people’s hands to test, validate and improve them. We now have a coherent roadmap for future product build and stages of functionality for said products. I wouldn’t hesitate to use Lee and Door’s services in the future.”

Brendan Shanks

CEO and Founder of Husky Finance.